Jul 25, 2013 - Mental Health    No Comments

Are my feelings my own?

Do you ever feel upset or frustrated and you have no idea why? There can be many reasons why you feel that way. It could be something recently that’s happened and you’re not aware of it. It might be a past struggle that’s surfacing, or maybe it’s not really your feelings’ that’s causing discomfort but rather it’s someone you know.

This is found many times in children and it starts at a young age. They will assimilate the successes or failures of their parents and this can sometimes be very harmful. Many times we take the experiences of others and apply them to our own life. It’s good and noble to be aware of other people and want to support and aid them any way we can. However, we need to understand that other people’s problems and struggles are theirs and not ours. We need to learn to separate ourselves and not allow those feelings to becoming a part of our own life.

If this is something you’re struggling with I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself and spend it meditating, think about where your feelings are coming from. If you find out their not really yours but someone else’s, work at letting those feelings go. It can be very difficult letting those feelings go, especially if you’ve had them for a long time. They can become a part of you and letting them go can be very scary.

First, start out taking small steps each day to uncover what feelings you have most and soon you will be able to notice were your feelings are truly coming from.


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