Common Courtesy

I was walking out of a bank lobby this past Saturday when I passed by an elderly woman who was stopped in the walkway of the lobby entrance wiping her feet on a door mat. To prevent drawing attention to myself I didn’t stop walking but I did take a metal note of her. I myself have never stopped to make sure my shoes were clean before entering a public building, however, I should. We should all be more aware of the world around us. It seems that my generation has lost sight of this concept.

The concept of common courtesy was once was so ingrained in our society that any action that flowed against it was considered a high offense, whether public or private. So why have we changed our perspective?

I want to encourage you to work each day at showing care and consideration not only to those people around you, but also the environments that you interact with. If you see trash on the floor stop and pick it up, hold open a door for someone, be courteous and safe in traffic, give space to people in a shopping market, help someone to their car, turn off the lights in an empty room.
Just think what the world would be like if everyone had this outlook.



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