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Your Calm Pond

When you’re falling asleep at night, riding on a bus, standing in an elevator, or maybe walking you’re dog; what do you think about? Where does your mind spend most of its time? When your life is still where does your mind wander?

We all have specific hopes, concerns, and dreams for the future. Maybe your mind drifts away imagining what life will be like in the months or years to come.  Maybe you’re mind fades back to the past constantly pondering what choices you’ve made and what life experiences you’ve had. Whichever category you fall into I want to encourage you to take note of what you’re thinking about. Write down the thoughts you have the most. Taking  note of these things will help you realize if what you’re thinking about is helpful or beneficial to you.

It’s import to your mental and physical health to give your thoughts a little moderation. We can spend a lot of time thinking and maybe even worrying about things that are not in our control.  We need to make sure we’re keeping the good things in and the bad things out. Keeping a journal has helped show me where my mind has been and where it might be headed. So the next time your life becomes still in this fast moving and chaotic world, try writing down what you’re thinking about and see where it leads you.


1 Comment

  • Your asnewr shows real intelligence.

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