Feeling Alone

“I don’t really have anyone close to me that I can talk to. This of course is my fault because I know that I have a problem of letting people get close to me. I feel so alone a lot of time because of this. What is someone to do that always keeps people at a distance? ~Emily”

Dear Emily,

There are many reasons why people keep others at an arm’s length; the fear of rejection and loss being the most prevalent. People will avoid making relationship to prevent being hurt. But in the long run these people are doing more damage than they realize. It’s so important to have and maintain good and healthy relationships with others. Not just for the care and support they can provide you with but more importantly the accountability. When we find ourselves accountable to no one, often times this is when we get into the most trouble.

Start with something small. Like a coworker or someone you see on a regular basis. Try and garden that relationship and hopefully it will grow into a strong friendship. However, if it doesn’t don’t get discouraged; there are many fish in the sea.

By nature we as humans are social creatures. We all long for companionship, whether it’s with a spouse or a close friend, we need that connection. The fact that you are noticing this about yourself is wonderful. You are taking charge and striving to mature and grow into the person you will be in the future. I hope you find someone soon that will be a true friend to you. Someone that you trust and that you can talk to and who will be willing to listen; and more importantly who will want to.

Keep your eyes open, you never know who’s around the corner.


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