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Unfullied Work

“Dear John, I can’t find any relief in my job. It seems like I can never get ahead and there are always people in my work place that are unwilling to be a team player. People expect me to do more then what I feel I was hired for. And I just don’t know what I should do. I work long hours and never feel any since of accomplishment. Should I quit, I don’t know. I need a job to pay the bills. I feel so trapped. ~Jennifer”

Dear Jennifer,

First, try and look at all the benefits of being employed:

•  The obvious thing in this economy is that you have a job, which is a blessing.
•  You can pay your bills. If you’re providing for your family, or just trying to survive, the money you earn is important.
•  Many jobs provide you benefits while working (health insurance, retirement, bonuses).
•  You can afford food.
•  You have something to do each day.
•  You can build relationships with those you work with. (If people are unwilling to be a team player find out why. Maybe they are going through the same troubles you are. You might be surprised on what you find. Just because its work doesn’t mean the “Golden Rule” is void.)
•  You’re building experiences that will help you grow into a future job. (If you feel that you’re doing more work or different work then what you were hired for try and remember that this is a job and not a social club. You are being paid to work. It doesn’t matter what that work is. You agreed when you were hired to work for “X.XX” dollars an hour. Remember that. We can sometimes think that the world revolves around us and we should be compensated when we over achieve. Here’s a question for you, would it be okay if your boss paid you less on a day that you took it easy?)
•  The saying “Tried by fire.” is just that. While working in a crazy and stressful job is toiling. It can build great character, if you allow it.

Second, know that you’re not alone. Many people live their lives working in jobs that they never thought they’d do. Some find great joy in their unexpected career. While others feel that they’ve created a prison in their daily work with no hope of release. It could even be that you set out to build a career in a specific area and are now completely miserable. You are doing what you’ve always wanted to do and hate it.

I know it’s miserable to be in this position and I’m so sorry. Working at a job you hate is always difficult. But no matter what situation you’re in if you’re unhappy it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself “Is this job really worth it?” Is the job really worth the complete dread of that morning drive to work? Is the job really worth missing important events because of stress? We as humans can justify everything. “Man, the pay is so good.” or “The hours are super flexible.” However, if you are going to work each day full of anxiety and stress then is the job really worth it?

The question, “Should I quit?” is always a big one. My advice is always “Stick with it!” or at least until something else comes along. Even if that something else is McDonald’s and you’re trading one prison for another. But make sure that you have a hold of another job before you let your current one go. Don’t get ticked or go off someone’s word that there’s a job waiting for you. Get everything in writing and stay positive. It’s easier to be hired for a new job if you’re currently working. It shows that you’re employable. Also, applying for a new job when you’re unemployed can give way to many unwanted questions. Many people can even become stagnate when they find themselves unemployed. This opens the door for even more troubles.

But if all else fails and the job is just too much to bear. Take some time every day when you get home and see what else is out there. Make it a daily goal to check the paper and online ads for work. Check with your friends and family if they know of any job openings. Set your priorities and rearrange your schedule to find work. Tell yourself aloud each day that “I’m going to find a good job.” Put some emphasis on the word good when you say it. “I’m going to find a GOOD job.” Keep your head up and don’t let yourself get discouraged. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

Wishing you the best,


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